"We hired Hanford Photography for our wedding and couldn’t be happier. They were with us for the better part of the day and evening, in which they were professional, courteous, and helpful. They basically just blended in with the crowd and were hardly noticeable. At the end of the evening they asked Me and my wife, as well as others in attendance if there was anything else they could do, or if there were any other shots we would like ( this is after a very long day), and even asked again to be sure. I would hire Hanford Photography again for an event and the pictures all turned out amazing. The pictures only took a few days to edit, which was the exact time frame we were given, and they all turned out spectacular. They provided us with a mix of artistic photos, as well as shots that captured the moments of the day. I was hesitant about choosing the photographer, but I assure you they will work hard during the day and deliver great results in the end."  -- Steven Snyder
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